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Forex Equinox Trading System by Russ Horn

Forex equinox is a brand-new trading system designed for Forex traders that are set to change the nature of the industry. Even experienced Forex traders are interested in finding this solid Forex system that has been backed by years of solid testing and success.

Equinox combines the use of actual trading strategies that can help individuals to find success within the Forex industry as well as new teaching methods to provide introductory support and assistance to people who are just learning Forex trading.

Russ Horn, the developer of this trading system has many years of experience in developing Forex systems. He is an excellent teacher that has seen success in this industry and it is the only goal to continue passing along this information to help more people succeed with Forex trading/investments.

Forex Equinox

The basics of equinox

Basically, Equinox is a system that’s designed to help Forex traders whether they are professionals or beginners to start understanding the opportunities that are available in this type of trading. A step-by-step system for implementing strategies it’s possible to start seeing success with Forex trading. Rather than all of the trial and error that it normally takes to find a workable Forex system, Russ Horn presents a simple tutorial guide that is written in plain English for traders to follow.

Horn includes a number of custom indicators in the system that are used to determine market equilibrium. By testing thousands of different indicators for Forex speculation Horn was able to develop a system that could detect markets of equilibrium without a doubt. By finding these equilibrium points within the market it’s possible to determine the best pairs that you should be trading and the greatest exit point for those pairs to retain the maximum amount of profits.

By finally having a trading strategy like the Equinox system it could actually be possible to consistently see profits in the Forex market.

What is included with Forex equinox?

The equinox system includes four different DVDs including step-by-step video lessons. Users can learn everything from the basics of Forex trading all the way up to maximizing their profits and retaining the best exit point with their trading pairs.

The system also includes a large-scale training guide or handbook with many instructions that are explained in the video as well as some other helpful tips. The training manual is only meant to supplement the video content and works better for individuals that need a quick reference guide or the step-by-step process is written out. Horn has included this handbook to supplement for many types of learning strategies and to ensure that students can learn the strategies no matter what their favored learning style may be.

The members only area for the program is also included. This includes access to the websites to a number of different concepts and forum discussions with members in the program. Accessing the members only area is a great chance to work under consistent guidance from Russ Horn. You can continuously receive new tips, tricks, and currency pairs as the market changes and this is virtually invaluable advice especially for those that are interested in maximizing their profits based off of current market conditions. This special feature is only currently available to those that his role in the program. By having an ongoing section for changing market conditions it’s possible that users can apply the strategies from Equinox with new and promising currency pairs that Horn is identifying.

The main advantages of using Forex equinox include:

  • Constantly having advice from Russ Horn from his initial teaching and guides to the regular forum updates on market conditions.
  • Finally learning the best time to enter and exit into currency trading pairs with confidence.
  • A very inexpensive program to start up with when you consider the costs of other Forex programs.
  • Lifetime memberships after purchase with automatic updates to the forums, the chance to attend various seminars, to receive online tutorials and videos with new plans revealed by Russ Horn. A single investment could potentially help you to learn Forex trading ideas that can persist long into the future.
  • This is a proven system with results that have been validated by the users in the system as well. People who are working with Horn often make a profit and the online community is very quick to showcase the success that they have had.
  • Instant benefits from a system that took years to perfect. No need for trial and error.
  • A 60-day money back guarantee on the system is included when ordering Forex equinox. If you are potentially unsatisfied with the product you can easily have your money refunded on the website.
  • Incredible and professional support from Russ and his team through the forums and ongoing advice.


Forex equinox stands as an excellent springboard to actually start earning profits with Forex trading. The product is most definitely a tool that you can use for success but it does require effort and faith in the system. The software won’t necessarily bring you instant profits and you do need to stick with it and learn the strategies in order to start pulling in consistent profits. With effort and perseverance, however, you can have the success that Russ Horn advertises with this system.

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